Crushing on Clients: A Glimpse into FlexDealer's Commitment-Riddled Track Record

4 - 5 min Read

Is digital marketing like dating? You better believe it! We know that there are many other vendors out there, and we know that each one, including FlexDealer, does things their own way. Know that we a... Read More

How to Successfully Leverage Your Content to Get More Loyal Repeat and Referral Customers

9 - 10 min Read

One of my favourite things to say to dealers is: “You wouldn’t buy a dealership and do nothing to promote it. It should be the same for your website!” This part of executing a content strategy is wher... Read More

FlexDealer Sponsors TADA's 2017 Auto Dealers' Innovation Series

0 - 1 min Read

What do you get when you put hundreds of automotive general managers, dealer principals, marketing managers, with some of the brightest industry experts, in a room for eight hours? The Trillium Automo... Read More

The Headline Writer’s Laws of Attractions

3 - 4 min Read

Headline writing is an artform. But it’s also an important element of the copywriting realm that many people don’t think twice about. Remember the good old days of writing a university paper and slapp... Read More

Battling the Bounce

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A good, hard look at the ten best attributes of any business website. Advertising and social media, if done correctly, can produce incredible results for your business. At some point or another,... Read More