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About Us

It all started with automotive inventory management software...

Retail dealers deserve simple and effective technology.

Michael Cirillo didn't grow up imagining a career in the automotive industry. In fact, Michael and his childhood best friend, Dan Collingridge, had big aspirations of starting a record label and radio station devoted to alternative rock music called 1500 am THE PITT. In pursuit of this dream, Michael went to school to obtain his sound engineering certificate, and Dan received his master’s degree in computer science. THE PITT was within reach!


But as the responsibilities of adulthood set in, Michael found himself working in the automotive industry when he took a job merchandising vehicles for dealer groups across Vancouver, Canada. As his exposure within the industry grew, so did his passion for helping the dealers he worked with.

Hearing dealers lament over their cumbersome inventory management platforms gave Michael and Dan the idea of creating a better option for dealers who needed simple yet powerful inventory management software.

Enter FlexDealer.

Together, Michael and Dan created what has become the most reliable inventory management software in the industry. It’s the perfect blend of common sense and ease of use - and is offered at a fraction of the price of other providers. 

FlexDealer grew over several decades, creating the Auto RV World portal, spending time as a key rival to big names like Auto Trader, and eventually evolving to offer dealer websites and marketing services.

Today, FlexDealer is a one-stop digital dealer experience, powering inventory, websites, advertising, and creative services for dealerships across North America.

And then came the marketing agency...

Car dealers deserve honest marketing.

Have you ever signed up for a new "solution" only to find it creates more problems than it could ever solve? What about those inflated monthly reports that make the marketing mix seem more difficult and expensive than needed?

Unlike other vendors, FlexDealer is on a mission to bring honest marketing strategies to car dealers that highlight the reality of what's possible. In return, our client partners thrive by knowing where the tangible opportunities lie and how to take advantage of them.

So who are we?

The FlexDealer team has grown to include a group of passionate, creative, and caring individuals who put our dealer partners first. We anticipate the changing needs of dealerships within an evolving industry so that we can always position our clients one step ahead of their competitors. Our team members are experts, thought leaders, and car geeks who care about solving problems, both big and small, for dealerships across the continent.

And speaking of that sound engineering degree, Michael may not have become a famous radio DJ, but he is the creator and esteemed host of The Dealer Playbook podcast, one of the most listened-to retail automotive podcasts worldwide. He has interviewed some of the biggest names in business and automotive and spoken on stages worldwide, sharing his passion for the industry.

Our team members have also received awards and accolades, including:

- Automotive Remarketing's 40 Under 40 in 2019, Michael Cirillo

- Automotive Remarketing's 40 Under 40 in 2021, Whit Norrad

- Whit Norrad featured in "Five Female Google Ads Experts You Should Follow," Marketing News Canada 

- FlexDealer featured as one of Edmonton's Best Marketing Agencies by Best In Edmonton

Where will you see us next? The sky is the limit!

Our Mission

Car dealership owners and their teams deserve a partner.

We remain true to our values of providing personalized, thoughtful, first-name-basis services alongside reliable dealer software. Our tech doesn’t quit, and neither does our team. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished over the past 25 years and are entering this new digital automotive era with a hunger to skyrocket the success of our dealer partners.

Ready to stand out from your competitors?