Whether they’re hunting for a repair shop or the lowest-priced hatchback, SEO plays an integral role in allowing local consumers to find you during their search. The sly folks at Google, Bing and Yahoo are constantly evolving their ranking algorithms, which makes digital marketing your dealership’s fastest moving target. In order to keep pace, it’s important to call for backup. You can rely on our squeaky-clean conscience (Just look at those core values!) and rest assured, there are no risky black hat tactics here. Just honest data-fuelled efforts, my dear Watson.


We recognize the value of regular maintenance when it comes to your vehicle. This adage equally applies to your website. Whether you’re already a client and would like to add our expert SEO services into the mix, or if you’re currently with a different website provider, we can help optimize your website to increase your long-term leads and your dealership’s digital success. FlexDealer’s crack team of SEO specialists are here to solve many of your digital mysteries:


SEO Compliance


Local Authority


Semantic (Keyword) Analysis


Technical Optimization


Much like Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, SEO isn’t as effective without its trusty sidekick: content marketing. Hand-in-hand, these two trigger a inbound marketing chain reaction that will gradually give you the lethal edge over your competition. Consider them essential investments that will continue to deliver value long after we’ve close your case.