The 28-Point Local SEO Checklist for Car Dealers

By: Michael Cirillo   |   06 May 2016

By now it should be no secret that SEO is alive and well. In fact, it's more important than ever when trying to increase visibility online.

Ranking on Google has always been a bit of a mystery. There are over 200 ranking factors that webmasters need to consider when working on a website, but no one has ever actually known what ranking signals receive preferential treatment. 

Until now. 

In my last blog post, I revealed what the top three ranking signals were and what you should focus on to help your long-term SEO strategy.

But we also know that Google loves mobile and that you need to have a solid mobile strategy to assist the visibility of your website from smartphones and other mobile devices.

In 2015, mobile usage surpassed desktop usage which means that if your website isn't mobile-friendly, this is a good time to consider making that happen. 

Mobile internet usage growth 2016

Credit: eMarketer / SmartInsights

There have been many debates about what mobile protocol works best for car dealers, but hopefully knowing that Google prefers responsive websites should help sway your decision in what direction to take.

And that's also where local SEO makes its entrance to the stage.

Since your phone knows your present physical location, that data is used to offer more relevant search results to mobile users. That means that when a consumer is out and about conducting commerce related searches, it's in your best interest to show up.

That's why we've published our 28-point Local SEO Checklist for car dealers. 

Download your copy of the local SEO checklist here

Inside the checklist, you'll get access to the 28 most important actions you can take to get your website (and dealership) more visible for local related searches. 

You'll also get access to a list of 50 directory sites that you should consider submitting your NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) information. 

Top 50 citation sites Australia, Canada, USA, UK

Credit: BrightLocal

SEO is something that you need to pay close attention to, especially with more and more users migrating to mobile search. It's crucial to have a responsive website that will offer the same access to information for mobile users as it would on a desktop. 

As a local business, it's even more important to make sure that you're soaking up as much local search real-estate as you possibly can. 

Start implementing the actions included in the 28-point local SEO checklist so that you can rise above the clutter and dominate local search!

Download your 28-point local SEO checklist here