You DO Win Friends With Salad

By: Devon Babin   |   21 Mar 2017
Content Marketing Salad

"Content marketing is the equivalent of healthy diet and exercise..."

Tired of eating salad? You’re not alone.

A lot of people are simply bored with salad. All that lettuce isn’t cutting it anymore. So, it isn’t surprising that you’re not winning any friends with your salad. Is it the same, sad salad you’ve been eating for years? Or perhaps you avoided salad for a while because you weren’t getting the health results you were hoping for.



It turns out, Bart Simpson was wrong, you DO win friends with salad - as long as you’re eating the right salad.

First you have to ask yourself, “What is my definition of a salad?”. If you’ve ever had a jello salad, you’ll understand that not all salads are good for you and those salads certainly won’t make you any friends. And, if your salad is only made up of lettuce and a couple of sad tomatoes, it may not be hurting your health, but any potential friends are going to be turning their nose up at you and your sad salad.

Relax carnivores: We’re not really talking about salads, we’re talking about attracting and keeping customers (friends) with a comprehensive digital marketing and advertising plan. Believe it or not, salads and and automotive marketing have a lot in common.


"Content marketing is the equivalent of healthy diet and exercise. It's unsexy and slow moving. When our patience wears thin, we throw money at the next magic marketing pill.

Despite the countless leaps of faith to find success in alternatives—content marketing remains one of the only strategies to sustainably strengthen your online presence."

- Jenn Dunstan, FlexDealer Marketing Director


Put a little heart and soul into what you’re serving your potential clients and you’ll see how many friends you can really make. Think outside the box and have fun with your food, throw some nuts, and fruit into the next dish you’re serving up. Why use lettuce when you can try spinach? Heck, mix a little meat in there. When you stop looking at your salad as “just a salad” you’ll soon realize that a lot of people want to be your friend.

Of course, one salad isn’t going to make you or your new friend healthier. Sticking with a healthy diet long term is the only way to ensure you live a long, happy life. The same applies to your marketing and advertising plans - one successful digital advertising campaign isn’t going to keep customers coming back. A consistent, quality marketing and advertising plan (or diet) is the only way to ensure your friends come back and your dealership is financially healthy long term.

FlexDealer Team

The FlexDealer Team is all about healthy diets and we have the culinary experts to make your advertising and marketing salads attract new friends and keep them coming back for more.

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