Canadian Auto Dealer Interviews Michael Cirillo

By: FlexDealer Team   |   02 Apr 2020
Canadian Auto Dealer with Michael Cirillo

You CAN Innovate during a market contraction. That's the message that FlexDealer CEO, Michael Cirillo shared with Canadian Auto Dealer.

Earlier this week, the popular retail automotive news magazine reached out to interview Michael to learn about what he is seeing in the industry today.

There has been an interesting response to the uncertainty.

Some have embraced it as a catalyst for change - an inspiring and motivating forward motion that history has proven can happen during difficult times.

2008 gave us UBER, AIRBNB, GitHub, and many other innovative new approaches to commerce.

In the interview, Michael shares that, "If you're feeling stuck right now, that's OK. Nobody said you needed to have all the answers."

Luckily, there are some simple things you can do to gain clarity amidst the uncertainty.

Here are a few helpful tips:

1.) Include your team - they have life experience, and ideas to contribute

2.) Remain focused - Avoid diverting from a routine. Maintain discipline in taking actions that will make you and your organization stronger, more bought in, more authentic.

3.) BRT - Build Relationships of Trust. Whether times are good or times are bad, building a relationship has always been the true entry KPI. What actions will you take today to further a relationship with someone and remain top of mind?

Video Credit: Canadian Auto Dealer