Michael Cirillo Featured Guest On Popular Live Show At NADA in Las Vegas

By: Michael Cirillo   |   15 Mar 2022
Michael Cirillo and Frank Lopes

FlexDealer CEO, Michael Cirillo was a featured guest on the popular Facebook show, “Live With Lopes,” hosted by industry veteran Frank J. Lopes. 

During the program, Frank inquired as to what the main buzzwords of the exhibition might be, to which Michael shared his honest impressions. 

1.) First-Party Data


The ability for dealers to collect their own data without relying solely on third parties like Facebook or Google. Doing so means that dealers get more control over their database and open up doors of new possibilities on how to market more effectively to their first-party audiences.


On a recent episode of The Dealer Playbook Podcast, Michael interviewed the CMO at FullThrottle, Bill Parlaman about this exact topic. Check out the full episode here.


FlexDealer provides dealers the ability to acquire and leverage their own data and never have it held hostage by third parties. That means that our partners can see where their leads are originating, and with sold data, can track the lead right through to a sale.


2.) Amazon Web Servers


The need for speed means that many service providers are looking to host their platforms on the AWS platform (something that FlexDealer already does). As mobile usage skyrockets, so does the basic need for speed.


During the interview, Michael submits that the best tools in the world won’t work unless we do. For too long the industry has been focused on silver bullets or shiny objects (tools and software) to solve their most basic business operations. There is a definite shift in the tides where car dealers are becoming more responsible about their expenses and investing more in the true asset of their stores: their people.



"Placing all of your trust in a tool makes you a tool!"




Dealerships of the future will place more emphasis on having the right people oversee their tech stack and marketing. Michael called them “Technologists” during the interview, but really it can be someone who has a knack and passion for digital tools and knows how to effectively analyze data in order to leverage it effectively.


Moving into the next phase of the internet, Michael encouraged dealers to get their houses in order. To stop wasting money on tools that they don’t yet have the bandwidth or capacity to leverage effectively.