Tech Update: Faster Image Loading

By: FlexDealer Team   |   24 Oct 2022
Rainbow coloured computer and girl with her hands up

Did you know that we do a bunch of magic to your images once they arrive in the Flex Dealer backend? It's true! One of the ways we do this is we compress your images auto-magically (yeah, we made that word up and we're sticking with it). We also serve them in different, more advanced formats than we ever have before. So what does this mean for your dealer website? Primarily, it's going to load a lot faster!

Images are everywhere. People are visual creatures and absorb about 80% of all information visually. Needless to say, images are vital to a successful website. We love it when our dealer partners upload photos, especially good ones. (aka: those sexy three-quarter panel shots kind of from underneath, they're a favourite around here). So when you are uploading photos to your site, you can count on the fact that all the images on your website are going to load a little bit faster with no extra effort from you.

What's this going to do? With your website running faster, it's going to please some of those pesky audits depending on what vendor you're with. The same goes for a Google Page PED score. So whether you're being asked to pull one up for an audit or you're at a conference 20 group, we've got you covered. There is also a direct correlation between customer happiness and website speed, which is why so much pressure is put on site speed during audits. Your customers demand information now and we're always working hard to make sure your dealer website is always ready to deliver.

Just another way that we're making things easier.

Do you still have more questions about how to better use our tech to boost your business? Or looking to get your dealer website onto FlexDealer's platform? We're always eager to chat! Head to our homepage and click "call" in the top right corner, or send us an email at