What is LiftKit Inventory?

By: Sarah Strehler   |   27 Oct 2022
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It's existed for a while, but we’re getting asked a whole lot lately: what exactly is LiftKit Inventory? So, we’re going to answer those questions with a quick overview here in this post!

If you're familiar with us at FlexDealer, then you know that we host multiple websites for automotive dealers, RV dealers, power sports dealers, and more. We host both OEM and independent dealerships on our tech, and we offer a gamut of digital marketing services like creative content, website design, paid advertising, Google Vehicle Ads, SEO, marketing strategy and analytics… whatever you need, we have the experience, team, resources, and brains to make it happen!

Well, our FlexDealer websites work hand-in-hand with LiftKit: our inventory management system that lifts your inventory to the next level so that you can flex how awesome it is for your customers.


LiftKit Inventory allows you to do way more than you're probably used to or even realize. It’s been working behind the scenes for our dealers for over a decade, ensuring they can merchandise and market their vehicle inventory faster, easier, and more efficiently than their competitors.

This is important for so many reasons. Not only does it give our dealer partners piece of mind that their websites are working hard even when they’re off the clock, but it also helps them get their vehicles in front of interested buyers faster than the competition. And in a world where each vehicle sale counts, this is vital to the livelihood of our clients, their families, and their employees.


So What Can LiftKit Do?

LiftKit Inventory has tons of go-to-market tools and there's a huge focus for us on 'speed to market.' We know, it sounds like a buzzword, but hear us out: there is a lot of automotive competition out there, and many customers want vehicles when they want them. The faster we can get your vehicle inventory in front of eager shoppers, the more likely it is you'll edge out your competition in those vehicle sales.

We've noticed that a lot of our other competitors in this space don't do a good job of getting your inventory up and running as quickly as they should. We've heard horror stories of it taking days or even weeks to get outgoing inventory feeds to different partners. For us, this is unacceptable.

That's why we put so much effort into our speed-to-market practices. Regardless of what your in-house process is, LiftKit allows you to get your inventory updated across the entire web faster than any other platform out there. It also lets you do a lot of other very cool - and very unique - things that help make merchandising and marketing your vehicles a lot more seamless.

Take our Vehicle Tagging feature, for example. Whit explains how Vehicle Tags helped one of our clients unload damaged inventory extremely effectively in the video below:


LiftKit Inventory also has a desktop and mobile lot capture tool so you can quickly upload your inventory to your site on the fly, simplified reporting that helps guide the purchasing and marketing decisions of our dealer partners, unlimited (and free!) inventory data feeds, and one heck of a reliable backbone - seriously, we've never had a breakdown. Ever.

Not to mention the team of specialists who are here to patiently answer your questions and pick up the phone when you call. We hate to brag, but it's probably the very best feature of all!

Truly, there is no limit to what LiftKit Inventory can do for dealer websites across North America, and we're working on new features and functionalities every day. If you'd like to join the dozens of dealers already using Flex Tech & Marketing Services and LiftKit Inventory, reach out using our simple online booking tool below!