Tech Update: Multi-Use Banners for Pre-Sales

By: FlexDealer Team   |   21 Nov 2022
Rainbow coloured computer and girl with her hands up

Sometimes, it's the little things in life that can make your day-to-day so much easier! One of those little things is the fact that in FlexDealer's Control Centre, you can upload units that are incoming and on order to your dealer website long before they physically arrive on the lot. Yup - even those that don't yet have a VIN! We know that some of our client partners, such as our Toyota dealers, don't get the VIN until the vehicle physically arrives on their lot. That can make it challenging for customers to reserve or pre-buy inventory, or for you to accurately forecast your vehicle sales and order enough inventory from your OEM.

We want to make sure our dealer partners can advertise and sell all of their inventory at all stages of the ordering process. We've added this functionality so that you can now put these vehicles into the backend, add images if you want, complete all of the necessary information about the vehicle, and get that inventory onto your website where customers can shop for them.

You can also put phrases like "incoming, "on order," "reserved," "pre-order," and other status items as markers on your website. You'll see these as banners on the VDP and SRP, easily and effectively communicating what's what with your customers, because everybody loves transparency. Just another way we're making things easier.