9 Steps for Choosing The Right Digital Marketing Agency for Your Dealership

 Learn how to choose the right digital marketing agency for your dealership.


1. Start with an online search

If a digital agency is difficult to find online, how will they help you get your business found?

2. Do they practice what they preach?

When agencies don't practice what they preach, that should set off alarms immediately. The best agencies believe that they are their number one client and apply their own strategies to themselves first.

3. Define your goals and get clear on your vision

Before you can vett an agency, it’s important that you can articulate your goals. Merely saying that you want more leads is not enough for them to help you in a meaningful way.


4. Look under the hood

Now that you’re ready to start talking to agencies, make sure you look under the hood to really understand what their capabilities are. Ask a ton of questions to ensure that they have really honed their chops. How many clients do they work with? What are the typical results of the campaigns they run?

5. Meet the team

Their team is your team. It’s important that they get to meet all of your key players and vice versa. Having everyone on the same page is crucial to the success of your partnership. Ask them about the depth of their expertise so that everyone is aware of who contributes what.

6. Results check

The proof of ability is in the results. Ask for examples of campaigns they’ve run and what the results were. Learn about the goals of the clients they've worked with and what they did to achieve those goals.


7. Review their marketing recommendations

If you receive cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all packages and pricing from them, run for the hills. Your dealership is unique and deserves a flexible marketing program that will help achieve your business objectives and satisfy consumer demand.

8. Do they care about helping you increase sales?

Marketing is a buzz word. It can also be a buzz kill. If the agency (vendor) only delivers work but can't attribute it to real business growth, how will you know if your money is seeing a return?

9. Do they provide value even if there’s no deal?

The best agencies are on a mission to empower the industry. They provide value to the industry regardless of whether or not you pay them. If their information is self-serving and pitchy rather than useful, the writing’s on the wall.

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Here are the Characteristics of a Proven Digital Marketing Agency

   Live, act, and execute according to their core beliefs

   Acts like a partner, not a vendor

   Hires a team of professionals, not contractors

   Has a range of marketing skills spanning years of experience

   Helps achieve real business growth results for its client partners

   Always looks for ways to improve and exceed expectations

    Communicates and educates in full transparency

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