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Sales Person working with a Client

Doing What We Love: Helping More Dealerships Succeed

FlexDealer was created from a desire to solve problems for dealer owners and operators. We’re proud of the work we’ve done over the past 20 years to help our clients succeed. Take a look at just a few of our clients’ happy stories!

“We are extremely comfortable with who we’re dealing with, and it’s working! The reason we won’t ever leave these Flex is they’re the only company that has ever truly cared about any of us, who our people are, and have come to understand the market that we have, the industry, and the customers that we’re trying to obtain. We are positive about our choice in FlexDealer. We trust and know that FlexDealer is going to take care of us, every time. I don't need to understand everything about digital, I need to have someone working with us that does and lets me focus on selling cars while I know that they're doing what they need to do. We are making the decision that’s best for our dealership, and quite frankly, this is what’s best for our dealership. They even flew out here to get to know our area better and work with us closer. They flew out HERE! That’s why we choose FlexDealer.”

Trent G

FFUN Dodge North Battleford, formerly Scott Campbell Dodge

Services: website, content marketing, Facebook and Google advertising, marketing strategy/consulting

"As a smaller dealer, it's big time to have FlexDealer involved with us. It’s like we have a full marketing department on our team even though we don’t! I feel like I know you guys like friends! Better yet, I can just reach out on the phone, and things just happen! It works!”

Ross Naka

Nelson Toyota

Services: website, content marketing, Google and Facebook Ads, SEO, marketing strategy/consulting

"From content, graphics, and PPC to brainstorming on marketing campaigns, FlexDealer has been a true partner! FlexDealer finds dynamic solutions to sometimes complex projects. The weekly support call helps us maintain and excel our website."

Tyson S

Somerville Group

Website: &
Services: Website, SEO, Content marketing, Google AdWords Management, Marketing Strategy/Consulting

“Our Marketing manager at Flex Dealer and her team are remarkable. All facets of our business have improved from the strategies put forward by FlexDealer. I secretly want to keep FD all to ourselves at South Thompson RV and not my competition! I would definitely recommend FlexDealer for all your web marketing and digital media needs.”

Len B

South Thompson RV

Services: Website, Content Marketing, Facebook Advertising

“The communication piece on the FlexDealer end is really strong. Our conversations allow them to open up to us. Not to stroke your ego, but you're really good at what you do! You guys are great at not letting things slide and making sure we communicate, otherwise, I could forget! You guys always say, 'Yeah, we can do this,” show expertise, or say if another way might be better. I love your follow-up - you don’t let it slide! My first instinct would never be to look elsewhere, it would be to come to you, even if I didn't like something that was done. That’s a partnership. We're really happy with FlexDealer and to have that relationship we trust."

Jim L

Quest Automotive Fleet Leasing

Services: Website, Content Marketing

“The FlexDealer team has been an absolute joy to work with since I started conversing with them in 2019. They are very friendly, easy-going folks who work hard and have your best interest in mind. The entire team behind the scenes at FlexDealer is exceptional. I enjoy every interaction with them and continue to be in awe of the company's innovative focus. They are the leading edge!”

Lynea D

Steele Automotive Group

Website:,, &
Services: websites, SEO, content marketing, Google and Facebook ads, Google Vehicle Ads, marketing strategy/consulting, EOM compliance

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If FlexDealer has played a positive role in the success of your business, we would love to hear from you.