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What's Next for Flex? Auto Remarketing 2019 in Toronto

Continually driving to the next level, FlexDealer’s Michael Cirillo will be taking part in Auto Remarketing’s next event, March 19 & 20 in Toronto

Recently, at NADA 2019 in San Francisco, our fearless CEO Michael Cirillo and the voice of The Dealer Playbook Podcast sat down with Bill Zadeits from the Auto Remarketing Podcast to chat about what’s to come at the approaching Auto Remarketing 2019 event.

What’s the Event?

Coming to Toronto on March 19 and 20, dealers from around the country (and beyond) will be hitting Canada’s Used Car Conference at Westin Harbour Castle to learn new strategies and chat ideas to help grow their businesses. This is a great opportunity to learn, educate, and network within the automotive industry. Here’s your sneak peek.

The Wheels are Turning

Not just figuratively, but literally as well. Flying in from Edmonton, Michael will be speaking at the event and helping to educate dealers with practical business solutions. In addition to attending the event as a sponsor with FlexDealer, Michael is a part of AR Canada’s highly anticipated event: Dealer Training Tuesday. DTT will kick off the event on March 19th with the biggest goal being education: sessions that aim to provide realistic action items to rocket your business forward.

Michael Cirillo's Keynote Sneak Peek

Without sharing too much, Michael’s goal at Auto Remarketing Canada is to share with dealers, the action items that keep so many listeners coming back to the Dealer Playbook for each new podcast.

The content of his session will focus on helping dealers learn how to future-proof their business model in an age of digital advancements and perceived automated threats. He’ll cover tariffs, government legislation, and avoiding the scare of vehicle vending machines, while also providing simple and practical action items to take back to your dealership. He’ll help you demystify buzzwords like disruption, AI, and more, to show you how to grow and scale despite all of the white noise out there.

How Does FlexDealer Fit?

We love helping dealers find success in the ever-changing digital world. As an agency with a long history in the automotive business, FlexDealer’s goals are simple:

- Reduce the cost of essential technology within the automotive industry

- Help dealers become more educated and empowered to make marketing and sales decisions that will help them sell more vehicles

- Provide insights and decision-making tools for dealers of all sizes

- Evolve with the industry while growing the businesses of our dealer partners

Catch Michael and members of the FlexDealer team this March 19-20 at our FlexDealer booth to talk shop, find out what we’re up to, and how we can help you win online!

FlexDealer Team      

FlexDealer Team      

FlexDealer is a leading provider of innovative dealership inventory and marketing solutions. Our goal is to help dealerships thrive and grow in a rapidly changing industry.

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