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Michael Cirillo Talks “Growing Your Show” with

FlexDealer CEO, Michael Cirillo, was a featured thought leader on Read his insights and tips about effective digital marketing s

FlexDealer CEO and host of The Dealer Playbook Podcast, Michael Cirillo

Here at FlexDealer, we aim to set the bar for a growth mindset. It’s important for us that our team is always learning, reflecting and sharing what we’ve learned with others. Not only is this how we foster growth within our team, but also how we grow together as a community.

FlexDealer’s CEO, Michael Cirillo, had the opportunity to share some of his own experiential ‘golden nuggets’ with - a leading authority in the digital marketing sphere with over 10 years of experience helping brands reach their full potential via education, resources and support.


Their most recent article, “How to Grow Your Show,” features useful strategies from 22 prominent creators about how to grow your audience among various content-sharing platforms. The idea is that whether you host a podcast, Clubhouse room or YouTube channel, growing an audience of superfans is one of the most valuable ways to increase your impact, and ultimately increase your profits.

“Michael Cirillo helps business leaders get their message out and step into greater authority with podcasting. He is the creator of a pretty amazing podcast called "The Dealer Playbook" that he started around seven years ago. His podcast now has had around four million downloads and has helped him speak on stages worldwide.”

Michael on “Growing Your Show”

Among’s featured thought leaders, which included the likes of Sue B. Zimmerman, Rob Moore, Kim Walsh Phillips and many more notable creatives, Michael was asked to comment on strategies that helped his podcast, The Dealer Playbook, become the #1 car sales, dealership marketing and leadership podcast in the world. His top tip for an effective, yet inexpensive, way to grow your show?

“Create one high-quality piece of content that is around 30-45 minutes long. For example, a podcast episode that ranges between 30 and 45 minutes, or even an hour-long, is a great starting point. Then create written content out of that audio content. Compile the information into show notes, a blog, produce some type of downloadable PDF, or any type of content that people can get their hands on. Then go over to Facebook and run a very inexpensive awareness type of advertisement to that content, so you get more eyeballs on it.”

He notes that the ultimate goal is to utilize one good quality piece of content in a number of ways. This helps save valuable resources by reducing the need for multiple pieces of content, adds consistency to your messaging, and attracts more views across various platforms.

the dealer playbook podcast logo

The #1 Podcast on Car Sales and Dealership Marketing

Check out the Dealer Playbook

If you’re ready to grow your show and help your business reach new heights, connect with Michael and the FlexDealer team! You can find Michael weekly on Clubhouse, subscribe to The Dealer Playbook Podcast, read the full article, or keep your eyes right here on the FlexDealer blog for the latest in digital marketing news and strategies. Are you itching to achieve next-level success right now? Contact us directly - we can’t wait to get started!


FlexDealer Team      

FlexDealer Team      

FlexDealer is a leading provider of innovative dealership inventory and marketing solutions. Our goal is to help dealerships thrive and grow in a rapidly changing industry.

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