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The Simple Secret Your Vehicle Display Pages Need

Selling vehicles and sorting them online shouldn’t be complicated. Learn how to sell, easier, with the latest Flex secret tip.

One of the easiest ways to get inventory in front of buyers is to leverage it with an eye-catching special. This is something I can’t argue with. We’ve had clients jump over to Flex tech from other website providers for this one single feature - something that we thought was pretty simple until we realized the other guys weren’t doing it.

Today, I’m sharing what that tiny secret is and how to use it to your advantage on your VDPs.


Website Specials Pages

The concept of a ‘Specials Page’ or section isn’t new. When we look at website performance, these pages generally do well, provided that they have sufficient inventory and authentic photos. They’re typically in the top ten viewed pages on any given dealer site.

Often, the available specials pages are “New Specials” or “Used Specials” and the uniqueness stops there. For most sites, within the search tool you can search for “demo” or “red” - but what if you want any new or used vehicles that are red? Womp womp womp.


What about when the vehicles have nothing in common to sort by? That’s where our secret comes in.


LiftKit Vehicle Tags

Yep. Vehicle tags. This feature has been in FlexDealer’s tech, LiftKit, for more than six years I’ve been here. It’s something logical and it makes sense: it’s a sorting system! If you have vehicles that have nothing in common but you need to put them on sale together for a promo, that’s where vehicle tags come in handy.


We had an RV dealership encounter a hailstorm (literally) not too long ago. They had to discount the units that were damaged by hail but they were all of the different brands, both new and used, and our client wasn't sure what to do.

Well, on Flex tech, it’s as easy as hopping in the backend and choosing a unique tag such as hail sale.

From there, we create a page with a vehicle widget on it that shows only vehicles with that tag. Then, all of the vehicles will show and match the applicable sales content. It’s seriously that easy.

What Does it Look Like on Other Platforms?

Without naming names, you usually can’t do anything like this without custom-building an entire page manually, which is pretty unbelievable in this day and age. We worked with a BMW Client that was on another provider (doing their ads, content marketing, and strategy). They approached us for a similar sale to the hail concept.

What could that other website vendor do to make this happen? Nothing.



They offered to charge $1,000 to custom-build a page that would be relevant for all of 30 days and not be reusable in any way because the inventory images and info would be put on the page manually. 

Meaning, it wouldn’t pull from live inventory. A huge spend without a huge gain.

It’s About the Little Things

Sometimes, it’s not about the flashy spoon. At Flex, we keep it simple while providing amazing, accessible, and affordable technology to independents and franchise dealers alike. Sometimes, it’s about the simple things that make it easier to sell vehicles.

If you’re a Flex client already, let’s connect. We’d be happy to show you how to leverage this magical little feature. If you’re not a Flex client, you could be! We’ll always answer the phone, and always make sure that your website is as powerful as you are.

Whit Norrad      

Whit Norrad      

Whether she's in the dealership rocking USPs with clients or behind the screen, Whit's on mission to scale your local business. With over 10 years of experience in marketing and biz dev at the height of tech expansion, Whit supports individual dealerships as they navigate changing landscapes and grow their businesses.

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