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The Future of Electric Vehicles and Transportation

Learn more about the future of electric vehicles and how automotive dealers can adapt their digital marketing strategies to sell more EVs and hybrids.

Electric vehicles (EVs) have been around in the market for a while but have only recently gained popularity. This is due to technological advances that have made them more practical in terms of transportation and cost, not to mention added pressure to work towards more sustainable transportation solutions across the globe. EVs have the potential to replace fossil fuel-powered cars, and this could prove to be a major step in reducing air pollution and even slowing climate change.

As OEMs add more EVs to their vehicle lineup each year, what does this mean for local car dealerships and their ability to sell these vehicles? Here’s a possible glimpse into the future of electric vehicles and transportation to help provide some insights into how the rise of EVs might impact digital marketing decisions for car dealers.

Possible? Perhaps!

The switch to electric vehicle technology is seemingly becoming increasingly inevitable, with many countries signing ambitious targets into law. EV sales are growing rapidly, with nearly 70 percent growth in 2021!

The number of electric car manufacturers has increased dramatically in recent years, with almost every car company offering at least one model. This means a huge range of electric cars available from essentially every OEM in all shapes and sizes. Whether your customers want a small city vehicle, a large SUV, a powerful pickup truck, or even a performance car, there’s an electric car for everybody.

In fact, there were so many new electric models at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show that it was difficult to track them all. Some of the most notable ones came from big-name brands like Volkswagen, Porsche, Volvo, and Audi. However, many of North America’s most popular brands, including Toyota, Honda, Ford, Hyundai, Jeep, RAM, Nissan, and the like, are quickly increasing their EV offerings.

Mercedes' parent company, Daimler, has announced that they will also have electric versions of their entire fleet by 2022. Commercial leasing companies are also making it possible for local business owners to lease entire electric vehicle fleets, helping them save tens of thousands annually on fuel, maintenance costs, and government rebate programs.

Have we made our point yet? Whether you love it or hate it, the rise of EVs is coming!

These brands are ramping up production to cater to mass markets that are primarily concerned about the environment and the volatility of fossil fuels and associated rising gas prices. In fact, in recent studies, at least 60% of the largest car-buying segment (Millennials and Gen Z) named “environmental stewardship” as a top reason why they’ll align with a particular dealership when making a purchasing decision.

This will certainly impact your marketing efforts and demand that you meet these shoppers where they are. You’ll need to prove that you share the same values as them in order to gain their loyalty, in addition to building educational authority when it comes to green automotive technology. Some ideas for doing so include:

  • Use your blog and social media presence to spread your message.

  • Train your team well on EVs and green auto tech. They should be able to anticipate and answer all questions.

  • Make sure your team is bought in. It’s hard to sell something you don’t believe in. There are real benefits to green tech, and even if your team prefers to drive petrol vehicles, they should still understand and show passion for the fact that electric vehicles are the right choice for many of your customers.

  • Be a part of EV-focused volunteer work and events (our friends at Somerville Auto are doing just that at their Arrow Road open house this week).

Why Your Customers Care About Powering Cars with Electricity

The top reason that modern car shoppers show an interest in buying electric cars is because of environmental stewardship. Electric cars produce around 30 percent fewer carbon emissions than petrol or diesel cars, even if the energy used to power them partly comes from fossil fuels.

The switch to electric vehicles is proving to be good for the environment and the economy. Automobile transportation is a leading cause of air pollution, which has various negative health effects. Air pollution from transportation causes 53,000 premature deaths annually in the United States alone. Additionally, air pollution is especially harmful to children, the elderly, and low-income communities.

Also, the price of electric cars is becoming more and more competitive with traditional gas cars. In many cases, electric cars are now cheaper to purchase, operate, insure, and maintain than gas cars. This is especially poignant when you factor in long-term savings on fuel costs - and something your shoppers are interested in learning!

EVs Might Be the Future of Transportation - Are You Ready to Sell Them?

Despite a mild preference for oil-powered vehicles, EVs are slowly rising due to inflating costs and increasing environmental awareness. These trends are noteworthy regarding digital marketing efforts for car dealers to leverage production towards sustainable levels that benefit the people, the planet, and their profits. FlexDealer can help you with that since we’re a creative agency specializing in dealership marketing. Chat with Whit, one of our associates, for your free consultation to unlock your next marketing steps!

FlexDealer Team      

FlexDealer Team      

FlexDealer is a leading provider of innovative dealership inventory and marketing solutions. Our goal is to help dealerships thrive and grow in a rapidly changing industry.

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