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How Google Vehicle Ads Are Helping Car Dealers Sell More

Learn how Flex is helping dealers sell more cars in 2023 and beyond through the Google Vehicle Ad (VA) Program.

Google Vehicle Ads (VAs) continue to be a hot topic in automotive, and we’re confident they’ll be a key reason why dealers pull ahead of their competition in 2023. If you still don’t know what Google VAs are, check out this helpful 50-second video - Whit will tell you everything you need to know! You can also head to our Google VA page or Google VA FAQ blog post to learn more.



Today, we want to share 3 very simple ways that Google VAs are helping dealers across North America pull ahead of their competitors. We get that something new can often be intimidating. That’s why we’re here to help bridge the gap, take care of the dirty work, and keep you as informed as possible!

3 Simple Ways Google VAs Can Help You Sell More Cars



  1. Paid ads are vital to helping you reach customers by bringing them to your dealer website. But Google VAs help you cast a wider net across the web to catch more potential customers without bringing them to your website or establishing brand authority first. If you have the vehicle somebody is looking for, your Google VAs make it easy for them to find you!

  2. Google VAs can help you sell more cars by showing up in a larger geographical area. You might be getting great leads with a 20-mile radius, but what if you extended that radius to 30 miles? Or more? We can target different geographic areas to increase the number of potential shoppers who are interested in your vehicles.

Now, you might be asking, “But isn’t this already how my paid ads work? Aren’t I already targeting specific geographic areas?”

Well, yes. But the critical difference with Google VAs is that you’re advertising specific inventory and not just general services or products, which makes these ads more likely to have a better conversion rate when you increase your geographic reach.

  1. Google VAs allow you to control where and to whom your ads are showing. Customers will be shown vehicles for sale in your inventory right now that match their specific search terms. So if somebody searches for a red 2020 RAM 1500 and you happen to have a red 2020 RAM 1500 in your vehicle inventory, your truck will be displayed front and centre to that customer.

Flex Helps You Harness Demand That’s Already Out There With Google VAs

Let's sell more cars in 2023! We do more than just build and host dealer websites or provide inventory management solutions for dealerships. With several decades of experience in the automotive industry, we’re experts in creating solutions that propel our dealer partners to new heights.

Flex is an Official Trusted Partner in the Google VA Program with exclusive access to the limited number of available seats - and we want to get your dealership on board. Book a free chat with one of our friendly team members to learn more about Google VAs or any of our other automotive marketing services today!

Sarah Strehler      

Sarah Strehler      

Sarah is a passionate writer, educator, and marketer. Her creativity knows no bounds and she's eager to help dealers think outside the box - and have a bit of fun in the process.

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