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25 Blog Titles For Dealers [Free Examples]

These blog titles for dealers are guaranteed to generate more clicks, likes, and shares from your readers.

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Whether you're an independent dealer in a small community or a large franchise dealership with multiple rooftops, chances are you have a blog on your website. And if you don't - you should! This article focuses on the many benefits of blogging for car dealers and provides real examples of topics and blog post titles you can use to improve your dealership blog.

In this post, we'll cover:

Why Blogging Is Important For Car Dealers

Besides being used for SEO strategies (or, heck, being mandated by your OEM), your blog is the perfect place to communicate valuable information with your audience. It also bolsters your brand authority, provides content that can be re-shared on your social media platforms and in your email marketing efforts, and can even be used as a landing page for your paid ads.

It's also vitally important in today's digital age to "be where your customers are." Nearly all of today's consumers enter the research phase of the buying journey online. A well-maintained blog helps position your dealership as a trustworthy source of information for these customers, keeping your dealership top-of-mind when they move deeper into the sales funnel.

According to HubSpot, “Blogs are popular, effective, and have the 3rd highest ROI of any format. The use of blogs will continue to grow in 2022, with 29% of content marketers planning to leverage blogs for the first time and 10% planning to invest more in blogs than any other format.”

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Trending Automotive Topics

In 2022 alone, FlexDealer wrote hundreds of custom blog posts for our dealer partners, allowing us to use our own analytics data to determine the most "clickable" topics for dealers. These were the topics that generated the most traffic last year across all of the sites we service:

  1. Maintenance schedules and how to service various car parts and systems.
  2. Queries related to release dates for different vehicle brands and models.
  3. Topics surrounding electric vehicle technology.
  4. Questions about which cars have the best resale value and how to sell/buy used vehicles.
  5. Vehicle comparisons between OEMs (example: Ford F-150 vs. RAM 1500)
  6. Topics about picking the best vehicle for families or people with pets.

It's important to use data like this to influence your blog topics. Of course, there is plenty of room to write about your community, dealership, and things that you're passionate about. But data-led blog topics should account for the bulk of your blog posts.

Featured Resource: Ultimate Blog Writing Checklist

Need more tips on crafting a great blog post? Head to FlexDealer's article about Why Having An Active Blog Matters, full of examples and tips for both new and seasoned bloggers.

25 Free Blog Titles For Dealers

We've used our data (and our creative brains!) to generate 25 automotive blog titles that your customers are sure to love, no matter where they are in their car-buying or ownership journey.

  1. Fuel showdown: your guide to buying gasoline, diesel, electric, and hybrid vehicles.
  2. How to maintain your current vehicle to ensure the best resale value.
  3. What are the different types of electric vehicle chargers you can install in your home or garage?
  4. A comprehensive guide to buying the perfect used car, truck, or SUV.
  5. Our favourite road trip destinations near [your geographic area] to take in your [OEM brand name] vehicle.
  6. How to pick the best [OEM brand name] car, truck, or SUV for your needs.
  7. [Dealership name's] guide to classic car shows in the [your city or region] area.
  8. The top 5 new [OEM brand name} car models to watch out for in [year].
  9.  DIY car maintenance and repair: a beginner's guide.
  10. The best new [OEM brand name] vehicles for new pet owners.
  11. Eco-friendly [OEM brand name] electric cars that will help you reduce your carbon footprint.
  12. Our bestselling three-row SUVs for busy families in the [your city or region] area.
  13. The psychology of car ownership: why we form emotional attachments to our cars and how to pick the perfect vehicle for you.
  14. Car safety tips: how new [OEM brand name] technology is helping keep more drivers safe.
  15. The best custom car modifications and upgrades for enhanced performance.
  16. Can I tow it? Learn the towing capacity of the [OEM brand name] truck and SUV lineup.
  17. Real families review our top family-friendly vehicles.
  18. The most iconic movie cars of all time: a tribute to Hollywood's greatest rides.
  19. Which SUVs can fit three car seats across the back?
  20. How much money can you save by driving an electric or hybrid vehicle?
  21. Pet owners review their favourite SUVs for taking their pets on road trips.
  22. Everything you want to know about the new [year, OEM brand, model].
  23. 5 reasons why more people from [city or region] choose [dealership name] for their new and used car buying needs.
  24. How to get the most money possible when selling your used car.
  25. Tips for leasing or financing a new or used vehicle with bad credit.

Examples of Expert Automotive Blogs

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Many of our dealer partners use their blogs to help drive significant traffic to their websites. In fact, some blog posts remain a dependable source of traffic and lead generation for years after the post was originally published.

If you are in need of some automotive blog-spiration, take a look at a few of these expertly crafted dealership blogs that are full of relevant, data-driven, and localized content:

Drive More Traffic to Your Blog With Flex

Use these blog titles and examples as a jumping-off point for writing your own content, or simply send us a message to chat with one of our team members about our professional content writing services for dealers. We're a group of real people who put effort, research, creativity, and TLC into your written content, not to mention that once we write it, you own it!

Contact us at FlexDealer today to talk about our affordable content writing options or our many other dealership marketing and inventory management services.

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