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How To Create Successful Walk-Around Inventory Videos

Reach more online car shoppers with these 5 important tips for creating walk-around inventory videos that sell.

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When creating a walk-around inventory video, your objective should be to not only spark interest in your vehicles but also to sell them. The majority of today's car shoppers start their buying journey online during the research phase, so the more features you showcase in your videos, the better. But there are some other tips and tricks that you can leverage to make your videos stand out from the competition - read on to learn more!

What Consumers Want to Know When Vehicle Shopping Online

A typical Vehicle Display Page (VDP) contains important information such as horsepower, performance, fuel economy, wheel type, infotainment, and more. You know, the essentials! But modern car shoppers are also interested in additional features that are not always listed on the VDP.

According to AutoPacific's 2022 Future Attribute Demand Study (FADS), which surveyed over 11,000 people intending to buy a car in the next three years, the top ten most desired features in a vehicle are:

  • Wireless charging pad for front passengers – 47%
  • Sunroof/moonroof – 44%
  • All-wheel drive/4X4 – 41%
  • Dash camera – 41%
  • Front and rear parking sensors – 41%
  • Heated front seats – 40%
  • Ventilated/cooled front seats – 40%
  • Distracted/drowsy driver monitoring – 39%
  • Tire fill complete alert – 39%
  • USB-C outlets – 38%

To showcase these additional features, making live walk-around inventory videos provides a significant advantage by creating an energetic sales presentation intended to persuade car shoppers to buy a vehicle from your inventory instead of a competing dealership.

So how do you make an effective sales presentation? Let's find out!

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Your Five-Step Walk-Around Video Guide

Now that you know what modern consumers want in their vehicles, it’s time to create an engaging video to help move your inventory. Consider following these five key steps when shooting your video:

  1. Begin by showing the exterior of the vehicle by doing a complete walk-around. If the car is pre-owned, show any dings or scratches. No secrets! Highlight any additional exterior features during this phase, such as a sunroof or custom upgrades.
  2. Next, take the car shopper inside the vehicle - you’re selling an experience, not just a car. Focus on things like comfort, safety, and technology. Mention the type of seats, whether they are cloth or leather, and whether they are heated or cooled. If they are power seats, highlight this feature, as it was a top-wanted feature in the AutoPacific survey.
  3. Then, move on to safety. This is the time to show features such as parking sensors, dash cameras, drowsy driver systems, and backup cameras. Don't forget to mention the vehicle's NHTSA 5-star safety rating.
  4. After that, showcase additional technology features such as wireless charging pads and USB-C outlets. Briefly touch on the infotainment system's features and show it to the viewer. Remind customers why they'll love these features, such as keeping the kids entertained with the headrest monitors during long road trips.
  5. Lastly, show the trunk space, which is often overlooked by consumers but is an essential feature they would like to know. Open the trunk and show car shoppers how much room they have for luggage and other items. Put items inside to demonstrate the spaciousness!


Additional Quick Tips to Keep In Mind

  • Don't worry about keeping the video under a specific time limit. The reality is that if a consumer is interested in a car, they will watch a longer video or they’ll fast forward through each stage of the walk-around.
  • Don’t take things too seriously. In today’s digital world, people are used to engaging with authentic content - in fact, they prefer it! Be yourself, get excited, and let your passion for the vehicle shine through.
  • Consider hiring a full-time team member for this specific role. You don’t want to spread your current employees too thin or make unrealistic demands on their time and skills. Many trained professionals have the gear and editing software to quickly make engaging walk-around videos for your dealership, giving your sales team more time to handle all the leads these videos will bring.

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