Search Engine Optimization for Dealers

Optimize your digital experience for vehicle shoppers at every
phase of their purchase journey.

User Experience Optimization

Your website may be getting in the way of customers taking valuable actions. Our team will audit current performance and make adjustments to your website experience based on real user behaviour data.

Local SEO

We’ll make sure you are properly positioned to rank high for local searches. We do this by making sure your name, address, phone number information is accurate and submitted to the most prominent directory listing sites.

Technical SEO

If Google has a hard time reading your site, you won’t rank very well in their index. We’ll clean up the technical elements of your site to make it more accessible to Google and other search engines. Easier access = higher ranking.

Say "No" to Vanity SEO

When it comes to search engine optimization for dealers, just ranking in search engine is not enough. Considering the massive uptick in mobile usage and voice search, you need to focus your efforts on showing up where customers in all phases of the buyer's journey are searching.

Once they find you, your digital presence must be quick, easy-to-navigate, and provide car shoppers with the relevant information they came to you for.

Partnering with FlexDealer means you’ll have a surgical SEO strategy that includes desktop, mobile, and other future-proof concepts that are designed to align your business goals with the demands of car shoppers in your market.

“Our dealer group has worked with
FlexDealer for more than 5 years now…”

"...Their concierge-style support means we have a go-to rep who personally looks after getting our requests fulfilled and issues resolved. Recently, we hired them to create some content to build our reputation as a reliable subprime information source and it’s been a huge success. Would I recommend FlexDealer? Without any reservations."

Dave La Rose, Marketing Manager
Western Group of Companies

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