Supercharge Your Digital Ads

Increase sales by remaining top-of-mind for vehicle shoppers in your market

Facebook Ads

Boring ads get boring results. With FlexDealer, our unique approach to crafting targeted messages, imagery, and landing pages will provide higher engagement and ROAI.

Google Ads

With Google, you’ll be able to create Dynamic ads that shape shift based on what your customers are searching for. That means you’ll always have high relevancy messages for in-market
vehicle shoppers.

Live Inventory Ads

Imagine being able to show live inventory to in-market shoppers on Facebook. With our Facebook Live (Dynamic) Inventory ads, you’ll be able to link in-market shoppers right back to relevant SRP and VDP pages on your site.

We Don’t “Set and Forget!”

There aren’t any robots running ads at FlexDealer. Only creative people who are passionate about helping 

Compliant? Absolutely! - but that doesn’t mean your ads need to be boring or an exact duplicate of your competitor across town, either. From graphics and ad messaging to targeting and optimization, our team handles all of the heavy-lifting while giving you a unique competitive edge in your market.

“FlexDealer is been a true partner.”

"...from content and graphics to PPC and brainstorming, FlexDealer has been a true partner."

Tyson Somerville, Dealer Principal
Somerville Auto/Hino

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