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Inventory Services

Simplified Inventory Reporting

Make informed decisions with our simple reporting dashboard designed just for dealers.

Don’t Get Lost in the Data

LiftKit Inventory helps transform your data into something useful so that you can make quick, confident decisions for your dealership. We want you to take action with your data – not get trapped in it.


Inventory Metrics At A Glance

Your Reporting Dashboard provides a birds-eye-view snapshot of everything you need to know about the health and lifecycle of your inventory. Easily view key data about your leads, most-viewed vehicles, units sold, how your vehicles are aging, and so much more. You can explore each category for additional metrics and use them to inform your future decisions about inventory purchasing, pricing, and marketing.


Vehicle Health Report Card

LiftKit’s Vehicle Health Report Card analyzes your VDPs and provides an overall inventory health score. You’ll see recommendations for optimizing your listings (and improving your score!) based on industry-wide best practices proven to help dealers sell more cars online. These suggestions include things like adding photos and videos, completing vehicle descriptions, adding prices to your VDPs, and more.


Harness Vehicle Demand With Your Own Data

Your data plays an important role in making key decisions at your dealership. That’s why we track the stats that matter, helping you take quick action and stay on top of money-making trends. Easily understand which vehicle years, makes, models, and even colours are selling best in your area, so you can purchase more of what’s in demand and market it to your customers ahead of your competition.


No Harsh Learning Curves Ahead

So what do our dealer partners love most about LiftKit’s Reporting Dashboard? How easy it is to use! Unlike other platforms that can take weeks to learn, our initial walkthrough takes just 30 minutes – and we’ve never had anyone need a second session. Learn how to navigate the entire LiftKit platform, from your first vehicle upload to reading your last report of the day and everything in between, all before you head home for dinner.

Let LiftKit Take Care of the Tough Stuff

Win back more time for selling cars with LiftKit’s simplified reporting. Endless feeds, endless features, and one low price tag? Now that’s what we call a steal! Contact us for a free LiftKit demo to experience everything that this intelligent inventory platform can offer your dealership.