On November 1, 2016, Michael Cirillo delivered the follow keynote presentation at Den Digitale Forhandler (Digital Dealer). Dealers assembled from Denmark, Sweden, and Finland to learn where and how to start marketing their dealership the right way in 2017.


Watch the full presentation below. Don't forget to download your free marketing plan template.

Marketing your dealership doesn't have to be difficult. It doesn't even need to cost a lot of money. Those are both symptoms of a weak or non-existant strategy.

In this powerful keynote address, FlexDealer CEO, Michael Cirillo breaks down what you need to consider in order to get your dealership marketing moving smoothly. This is the age of inbound marketing. It's less disruptive and more engaging. It's what your customers want. 

As promised, here is your free download:

FlexDealer Dealership Marketing Plan Template