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Inventory Services

Desktop & Mobile Lot Capture

Get your vehicles from the lot to your website in a matter of minutes.

Uploading Your Inventory Has Never Been Easier

Whether you’re on the lot or behind the desk, our Lot Capture tool puts the power in your hands – literally – to get your inventory onto your website quickly and efficiently.


Accurate VIN Decoding

So how does the Lot Capture feature work? Well, it’s a lot like a QR code: simply hold your camera over a vehicle’s VIN, and LiftKit takes care of the rest! The system will automatically plug all of the important information about the vehicle into the system, from basic specs like the year, colour, and mileage, to any current OEM incentives.

Don’t have a VIN yet? No problem! We can still add your vehicles to the system long before they get to your dealership so your customers can start browsing and planning for their next big purchase. Once the vehicle has been added, choose a custom tag or banner, like “arriving soon,” to keep potential shoppers in the loop about the status of your incoming inventory.


Unlimited Photos & Integrations

Our platform allows you to add unlimited photos and videos to each inventory piece to best show off your vehicles. We also integrate with all 3rd party services like Impel, CarFax, Car Gurus, and Kijiji to help you further merchandise your virtual showroom. And because we don’t believe in charging our clients more as their businesses grow, our dealers enjoy all of Liftkit’s unlimited features for one low price.


Custom Tagging for a Custom Experience

There’s no “one size fits all” when matching a customer with the right car, so why should your inventory platform be any different? Our system allows you to group your inventory in ways that make sense for the specific needs of your dealership. You can group vehicles for various sales, collections, demographics, campaigns, and so much more. This feature is unique to the LiftKit Inventory platform and something we’re proud to offer our dealer partners that other providers can’t.

Let LiftKit Take Care of the Heavy Lifting

We’re creating simple solutions to help dealers market their vehicles faster than the competition. Contact us for a free LiftKit demo to experience everything that this smart inventory platform can offer your dealership.