The Secret To Generating More Sales Online

Discover how to use your dealership website to make customers thank you with their money.

The most common sense digital marketing guide for car dealers

This eBook busts some of the most common myths about marketing your dealership online. Not only will you discover the secret to generating more sales online, you'll find out how to do it no matter what website platform you use. In three parts, you'll understand what you'll need to get started. More importantly, you'll also gain access to the exact step-by-step process to maximize the success you'll experience - all for free.

Whether you're a seasoned marketing veteran of the car business that just needs some fresh ideas, or you're brand new and just starting out - you're in the right place.

What You'll Learn

Part One: Why You're Not Getting The Results You Want

In this section, you're going to learn about the reasons why your website isn't getting any results. We're going to uncover some common myths about websites and technology that are preventing you from achieving success. This stuff is important to know because it sets you up to succeed moving forward, with less effort.

Part Two: How To Turn Your Website Performance Around

With the problems, obstacles, and myths behind you, part two covers how you'll turn things around. You'll get an inside look into the most valuable resource needed to differentiate you from your competitors. You'll learn about the single biggest resource needed to become the undisputed leader.

Part Three: The Secret to Getting More Sales, No Matter What Website You Use

In part three, you'll discover the secret to getting more sales, no matter what website you use. You're going to be tempted to just skip to this chapter, but promise you'll resist the urge. The fullest measure of success comes from stacking the information in sequence. 

Who is this book for?

This book was written specifically for marketing directors and anyone else in the store that has a digital responsibility. That said, everyone in your store responsible for handling customer interactions will benefit tremendously.

Do I need to read the whole thing?

We recommend it. For the slowest reader, this guide will only take about an hour to read from start to finish. The real magic happens when you use it as a workbook to guide you through the step-by-step actions that will bring your digital presence to life.

Is it really free?

Yes, of course! We're on a mission to enrich and empower automotive professionals all over the world. Besides, we don't want to just tell you that we're Rock Stars; we'd much rather prove it. The best way to do that is by giving away our best information for free. 

Who even came up with this guide?

Everything in this guide was written and compiled by FlexDealer CEO, Michael Cirillo. He is a #1 Bestselling author, keynote speaker, consultant, and host of the #1 automotive podcast in the world - The Dealer Playbook.

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