How FlexDealer Helps Dealerships Win More Online Business

Get a simple overview of the steps we follow to help your dealership thrive online.
From SEO and gitial ads to content marketing and performance optimization, we've got you covered.

Our Simple 4 Step Process

Your dealership is unique and deserves a winning process. Here's how we'll get you better results.

Strategy and Consultation

The best technology in the world can’t compensate for a poor plan. It takes more than smearing buttons all over your VDPs to get results. It requires a deeper understanding of your dealership’s brand, your competition, and what market conditions, behaviour, and pain points affect your consumers' purchase decisions. Our thorough research helps us identify what messaging, content types, and channels will help you get the best results.


To get results, you need flawless execution. That means compelling, valuable content; beautiful designs that balance form and function; targeted and useful ads that never get ignored, and a back pocket filled with tools and resources that your competitors haven't heard of. From top to bottom, FlexDealer is the virtual ‘in-house’ marketing team you need to execute flawlessly and with intent.


As your partner, we’ll help you navigate the digital landscape. Our team keeps close tabs on your results and uses that data to help update and evolve your strategy. We take your success personally and make it our mission to experience as little failure as possible.


FlexDealer is determined to enrich and empower auto industry professionals all over the world. If you’re ready to invest in inbound marketing for your dealership, it’s important to us that you have the most transparent access to information. Our trusty support team and your dedicated account manager are available to help you understand the fundamentals needed to achieve success online.

How We Can Help Your Dealership

Align Your Business Goals With Market Demand

Something that sets FlexDealer apart from the rest is that we pay close attention to your customers - the people who give you money. We look closely at consumer trends, interests and behaviour and ensure that their desires map to your business goals.

Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

Ranking your website is one thing. Making sure it shows up for valuable search queries is another. Our Search Engine Specialists will discover unique opportunities to place you in front of the highest quality audience in your local area and region.

Increase Website Traffic and Conversions

We’ll help expand local and regional awareness for your dealership, and attract new audience segments with a mix of blogging, content pages, search engine optimization, social media posting, and digital advertising.

Create Awesome Content

From strategy and planning to writing and distribution, our team of journalists will create high-quality, original content that’s designed to educate your customers no matter where they are in the buying funnel. This may include model and comparison pages, fixed ops Q&As, blogs, landing pages, white papers, ebooks and more.

Engage and Nurture Leads

Stay connected with your leads and prospects with creative email marketing campaigns that are designed to keep your dealership top-of-mind without giving anyone a reason to unsubscribe.

Understand Your Marketing Performance

FlexDealer pulls back the curtain on what’s working and what’s not. You will always have 100% ownership of your data. We promise to help you make the most profitable online marketing decisions possible by leveraging real intel.

"From content, graphics, and digital ads to strategic consulting, FlexDealer has been a true partner!"

JARRET MOORE, Somerville Hino

We Do a lot of Listening


Before we even lift a finger to execute, we learn as much as we possibly can about your dealership. You’ll meet with your dedicated Marketing Accounts Manager who will help you:

• Understand your current set of challenges and start brainstorming solutions

• Help you identify quick wins and long-term opportunities

• Set goals so that you can see the potential of your future online dealership

• Outline our process in more detail in the true spirit of transparent partnership

Strategy Creation

(Where the Rubber Meets The Road)

Once you ink up, we will launch this party with a bang. The first 30 days will be spent setting you up for success now and in the future. During this time (Month 0) we’ll be working on the following:

Collaborate and create your automotive digital marketing strategy:  This phase of the process contains extensive market and competitive research, brand guidelines, and buyer persona creation. We will make sure to include goals, messaging, and plans for your website content, advertising and promotion opportunities, lead generation and more. Each month, you’ll have a call to discuss progress, reporting, and any changes needed.

30, 60, and 90-day Implementation Cycles

Depending on the scope of your campaigns, FlexDealer follows a proven 30, 60, or 90-day cycle for executing your marketing activities

Implementing your marketing plan: Each quarter we’ll outline a new marketing plan that includes your objectives, as well as the ideas that will help you achieve them. Our Project Manager will create and distribute the action plan to the team, complete with timelines and responsibilities.

As partners, we’ll work together to create your marketing plan because the process is much stronger when you’re a part of it. You’ll even get access to our slick project management tool so that you can see progress, upload files, and communicate directly with our team.

Success Tracking: We use a variety of tools to measure success such as Google Analytics, Hotjar, Raven Tools, ad more. Each month, you’ll receive a customized report from your Dedicated Marketing Accounts Manager where you can review and pivot based on clearly defined KPIs.

Our team of alpha geeks are looking at your micro-data (traffic sources, site usage, heat mapping, etc.) to find ways to improve campaign performance moving forward.

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