Automotive Paid Search

Get more predictable leads from highly-targeted car shoppers using Google and Facebook

Google and Facebook Ads

What is Paid Search?

Also known as ‘pay-per-click,’ paid search is when you pay to place ads on search engines like Google or social networks like Facebook. Typically, you only pay when your ads get clicked by interested people which creates a more predictable and scalable way to generate traffic and leads online.

We do this

Create targeted ad campaigns designed to attract your ideal audience

Which does this

Drives traffic to your website from qualified new and returning car shoppers

Gives you this

The most predictable and scalable way to generate more leads and business

Why should my dealership consider paid search?

Aside from only paying when someone clicks your ad or the ability to control ad budgets in real-time, paid search is a powerful way to target the right audience at the right time and in the right place. For example, Facebook has partnered with the three largest data providers in the world. That means you have access to user behaviour data that you can leverage to make sure your ads are placed in front of the most qualified customers.

In a similar way, you’ll be able to get top placements on Google so that more customers can find you based on their searching patterns.

Get Better Results with Less Spend within 60 days

Do you feel like you could be getting better results for what you’re spending? Our incoming dealer partners typically waste countless dollars because of automated or poorly structured ad campaigns. FlexDealer specializes in turning things around so that your money goes further and helps you reach your target growth rates.

Our proven and economically sound paid search process will connect your dealership with qualified car shoppers. We do this by aligning search intent and audience targeting with your business goals.

Why Should I Choose FlexDealer to Help Me with Paid Search?

We know car shoppers

We don’t just know dealers, we know your customers. Unlike the plethora of “competitors” out there, FlexDealer harnesses our understanding of the customer’s path-to-purchase to make sure you are with them throughout the entire click journey to purchase.

We make sure your customers find value, not broken promises

There is nothing worse than clicking on a ppc ad that makes you think one thing, but delivers another. We see this all the time in the automotive industry. Customers click on a vehicle ad that links to the homepage, or worse, a piece of inventory that doesn’t exist anymore! At FlexDealer, we’ll make sure that your ads are properly supported with relevant landing pages and supporting content as needed.

We take your success personally

We don’t believe that more money will solve your low-performing ad problem. Your ad budget is sacred to us, and we’ll work tirelessly to make sure your ads are optimized and delivering results.

Ready to roll?

Our paid search team is simply the best in the business and we’re ready to help your dealership thrive online. If you’re tired of lacklustre performance and ready to open the floodgates of qualified car shoppers, drop us a line to get started.

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