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FlexDealer helps retail dealers understand where to prioritize their marketing, execute on strategy, and attribute maximum returns.

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We make it simple.

Let us spell out a simple, effective marketing plan, so nothing is left to chance. Our team of specialists do the heavy lifting for you so that you can focus your energy where it matters most.

You will have the attribution you need.

Dealers are spending more than they need on advertising. Our digital strategies connect with a Lead Dashboard, where you'll be able to see what marketing channels drive real customer interactions without the guesswork.

Websites and Inventory

Websites & Inventory

We unify your marketing technology to provide vehicle shoppers with an easy online shopping experience. From websites to IMS, we've got you covered.

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Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

Certified by Google and by the prestigious Digital Marketer Labs, our team delivers proven advertising campaigns with high returns, without wasting spend.

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SEO & Content Creation

SEO & Content Creation

We inject content that aligns with every phase of the vehicle buying journey. Our proven technique helps increase conversions from top-of-funnel through to sale and beyond.

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"FlexDealer helps me analyze our performance and come up with strategies that separate us from the competition. We have been partnered for 10+ years, and they are a progressive, customer-focused, and professional agency to do business with!"

Craig Kalawsky

Principal, Castlegar Toyota

the old way

The Old Way

Vendors sell their products and services with big claims. They provide a vague monthly report to validate their services. You wonder if you're getting what you paid for because you don't have full access to the data.

the Flex Way

The Flex Way

Our strategy will show you where to play and how to win. We audit current performance and discover areas to improve. We develop a plan that prioritizes marketing activities based on what will deliver real attributed results and blissful customer experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this work with COOP programs?

Yes. We are partnered with many different brands who all submit for CO-OP.

How does your inventory management software compare to the others?

Our inventory system is one of the most robust in the industry. From unlimited outgoing feeds (at no extra charge) and VIN explosion to the ability to manage inventory from a mobile device, FlexDealer's IMS is included with our website packages.

Can FlexDealer integrate with other service providers?

Yes! Currently we are partnered with over a hundred 3rd party suppliers. If there's a specific integration you need, we can set it up at no extra charge.

Is there a contract term?

Yes. 6 months is our minimum contract term because that's the minimum amount of time you should be willing to commit for us to turn your bus around. That said, many of our clients have chosen to partner with us for 10+ years, some of which pay for an entire year upfront. When's the last time you heard of that in the car business?

What if you guys screw up?

Our goal is to be in regular communication with you so that you always know what we're up to and campaign or strategy we are rolling out. We've found that to be the best way to avoid mistakes. That said, when/if a mistake occurs, we immediately find a solution agreeable to you that makes it right. We're on your side. PERIOD.

Can you help me vet other vendors?

Absolutely. We do it all the time. In fact, many of our client partners include us in helping them ask the right questions, gather information, and see how the proposed services fit within the strategy we've created for them.