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The Global Automotive Industry's Top-Rated Podcast.

A Podcast for Modern Automotive Professionals

The Dealer Playbook, hosted by Flex CEO, Michael Cirillo is a top-50 global management podcast that explores what it takes to create and enjoy a thriving career within the retail automobile industry. 

Weekly episodes feature a subject-matter expert ranging from auto-industry professionals like Brian Benstock and Kerri Wise to business leaders like Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, Claude Silver, and more.

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What The Automotive Community Is Saying

The DPB is a breath of fresh air


"Michael is the same guy no matter where you meet/see/hear him. This podcast is a must for all those in retail automotive."

Kyle Mountsier
United States of America

The mentor I haven't met


"I've had the podcast playing on my way to work for the last three years. Listening to Michael has helped me surpass my goals."

Steve Thomas

Lifted my sales & relationships


"This has helped lift my game and change the way I deal with my clients. Michael's advice lifted my sales and relationships."


Thanks for great insights!


"You do a great job with this podcast. Great guests, great insights, many things to learn. I'm looking forward to the next show."


The DPB is a stunning show!


"Michael has built something remarkable with the Dealer Playbook for all automotive professionals. Cool guests and insightful advice."

Podcast full of powerbombs!


"Michael and his well-known guests are doing a marvelous job in providing invaluable automotive knowledge and actionable insights."