Commercial Dealer Website Provider

FlexDealer Websites help more business owners find your commercial vehicles online.

Website Features

Beautiful Responsive Website

Attract more used vehicle shoppers with a beautiful, responsive website that is designed to help you stand apart from your competitors.

Content That Attracts Vehicle Shoppers

Start building online relationships of trust with car buyers sooner by creating website content that helps shape their purchase decisions.

Hyper-Local Inventory Listing

Each inventory listing is injected with advanced structured data making it more visible to search engines, and ultimately car shoppers.

Facebook Marketplace Included

As part of your website bundle, FlexDealer includes a feed of your inventory to Facebook Marketplace, in addition to a variety of other portals.

Dynamic Inventory Advertising

Similar to how Amazon shows you the products you were looking at on Facebook, FlexDealer can show live units to in-market shoppers as well. 

Unified Marketing Dashboard

Connect all of your search engine, competitor, social media, and advertising data in a single login. Monitor performance independent from your vendors.

Local Dealer SEO

FlexDealer provides tactical local SEO that will help you outrank your competitors in local search results. Place your dealership front and center(re).

Lead Monitoring

Want to know the scoop on who is shopping on your website? Use our real-time lead monitoring dashboard to sell more vehicles to higher-quality customers.

Game-Changing Prices

Technology in our industry is quadruple the price than any other. FlexDealer is on a mission to bring innovation to independent dealers without breaking the bank.

What’s included with Your Independent Website:

• Full Responsive, Custom design

• SSL Secure

• Advanced Inventory Structured Data

• Unlimited Inventory Listings

• Inventory Feeds to 3rd-Party Sites

• Facebook Marketplace Listings

• Enhanced Google-Like Inventory Search

• Unlimited DIY Pages

• Native Blogging Tools

• Staff Directory

• Parts/Service Specials

• Upload Videos

• CRM Integration

• Basic Lead Display w/ Email Notifications

Starting at $499/mo

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