Content That Encourages Car Shoppers to Buy

Wondering what content marketing is?

Most companies refer to content marketing as merely blogging or creating a new page on a website. At FlexDealer, we know that it’s much more. Content marketing is the process of strategizing, creating, and distributing a consistent stream of content that is relevant to your target audience. The goal — to drive profitable action.

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We do this

Research and create compelling content based on consumer interest.

Website traffic

Which does this

Educates, enriches and builds trust with customers in all phases of the buyer journey.

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Gives you this

Car shoppers who want to buy from you, not your competitors.

High-quality content is the best currency for reaching and engaging customers: Google

Over 3.5 billion Google searches per day represent someone’s quest for information. During their buying journey, car shoppers are going online to research your products and services. They are asking questions, and searching for answers. Car dealers that supply the need for information will build relationships of trust and win more business.

In fact, Google recently published an article about a local Canadian Dealer who increased new car sales by 50% by going all in on digital. Why? They simply shifted their model to what customers want.

Are you missing opportunities to engage customers in your market?

Looking at your website through the eyes of a consumer, how well would you say you’re doing at answering their questions? What about your current website would compel visitors to make the decision to buy from you? Magic happens when you provide useful information to interested people.

There is a shift in the tides. Content will help you weather the storm.

Think about all the shifts we’ve seen in technology. The fear of Amazon or Tesla destroying the business as we know it is on everyone’s mind. There’s just one thing — people still need information to make a purchase regardless of technology. With effective content you’ll have the ability to join your customers earlier on in their purchase journey, and as a result, help shape their decision.

Why should I consider FlexDealer to create my content?

Aside from being REALLY good at it, something unique about our content delivery is that it’s based on what your customers want to know — not some arbitrary keyword that may or may not get you ranked. Not only that, we pay attention to each phase of the buying funnel to ensure that the content we create is helping your customers acquire information that will shape their purchase decisions.

Do you feel the need? Let’s do this thing!

If you’re building a dealership that will stand the test of time and give customers the one thing they will always need, drop us a line. We’d love to hear about your digital goals.

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