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Inventory Services

Inventory Data Feeds

Speed to market matters. Send your inventory data everywhere before your competition does!

Unlimited Dealer Inventory Feeds With No Extra Fees

Our inventory platform was designed to solve problems for dealers, plain and simple. That’s why we emphasize creating fast, automatic, and user-friendly features that offer unlimited capabilities when it comes to handling your inventory data.


Ingest. Reformat. Output. Repeat.

Most providers don’t modify your data into the format required by various outgoing feeds. Instead, they leave all that legwork for you and your team, using up valuable time and resources. Luckily, we’re not like most providers. LiftKit takes in data from every source and automatically cleans it, reformats it, and sends it out to all third-party platforms in the format they require.


A Provider That Grows With Your Business

LiftKit users get unlimited incoming feeds, inventory listings, photos, outgoing feeds, and so much more for one convenient bundle price. Not only are our feeds and features unlimited, but so are the types of inventory we can support: from cars to power sports to commercial equipment, LiftKit can handle it all. You won’t get charged for adding different types of products to your inventory or need to worry about going over a monthly allotment of incoming and outgoing feeds. We’re here to support your business as you scale - not dip into your bottom line.


Head’s Up: We Have Hourly Feed Updates

Our dealers have feeds going out once per hour, instead of every 24 hours, like with most other providers. So if you get a car on trade, you can add it to your inventory with our Lot Capture Feature and send it to your feeds during the next hourly interval. In fact, many of our clients are using our platform for this specific feature. Dealers don’t want to wait until 7:00 pm tomorrow to merchandise and market their vehicles - they want to do it now! And we’re making it happen.

Let LiftKit Take Care of the Heavy Lifting

Break the cycle of manually inputting, reformatting, and managing your inventory data. We're here to take care of the tough stuff so you can get back to selling more cars. Contact us to learn more about how LiftKit can help your dealership move more inventory ahead of your competition.