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Google Vehicle Ads for
Car Dealerships

Google Vehicle Ads (VAs) are an easy way for your dealer website to attract more business, and FlexDealer is an official Google Trusted Partner in the VA program.

What Are Google Vehicle Ads?

Google Vehicle Ads put your inventory directly into Google Search Results with dynamic vehicle photos and direct links back to the live piece of inventory on your dealership website. They turn SERPs (search engine results pages) into live shopping portals and place your inventory in-front of the most qualified car shoppers.

Vehicle Ads directly challenge classified sites like AutoTrader and CarGurus by making the discovery of relevant used vehicles easier for car shoppers than ever before. Your store will see incredible benefits from getting your inventory approved early on.

In the past, shoppers have searched for vehicles that they’re looking for, near them, and been met with classified sites that have both accurate and inaccurate matches to the vehicle they’re searching for and where to find it.

No more: Google VAs put the relevant inventory of participating dealers front-and-centre with engaging paid placements that convert to website leads.

Why Choose Google Vehicle Ads?


Visual Ads For In-Market Buyers

Get your entire used inventory in front of vehicle buyers. Google Vehicle Ads show up when users are actively shopping and are ready to connect with a local dealership.


Increased Inventory Visibility

Unlike traditional classified sites and paid placements, VAs show your real-time inventory to users when they’re looking for it in the discovery phase of their buyer’s journey.


No Manual Updates Required

We take care of feed creation and set-up, as well as work with Google to have your Ads account whitelisted. From there, we consistently send out your inventory for vehicle ad displays.


Better Performance. Lower Cost.

Early results show that Google Vehicle Ads cost up to 80% less and convert up to 300% higher than standard search campaigns.


Get Ahead of Your Competition

Gain exclusive access with FlexDealer. Get access now.

Why Choose Google Vehicle Ads?

How much does it cost?

Similar to our other digital ad services, we work with a flat-rate management fee of $399 per month. This covers the initial setup, maintains our technology, keeps everything online and running smoothly, technical support, a dedicated ads manager, and your dedicated account manager.

How can my dealership get Google VAs?

To get your VAs listed with Google, the below items must be provided to and/or managed by a Google Trusted Partner:
- Inventory feeds
- Google Merchant Centre Account
- Google Ads Account

What do you do with my ad dollars?

Your ad dollars go directly to the source. We do not take a percentage of ad spend. That’d be gross.

How much should I spend on VAs?

Depending on the size of your market and level of competition, we recommend an ad spend minimum of $1,000 - $2,000 per month.

Is there a contract?

Nope. FlexDealer believes in offering the best service level possible, which we hope will make you want to continue the partnership.