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Vehicle Inventory Management

Get your vehicles from your lot to your customers using our fast and user-friendly inventory solutions.

The Fastest Way to Get Your Inventory Everywhere

Lot Capture

Desktop & Mobile
Lot Capture

You won’t believe how fast you can upload inventory using our desktop and mobile lot capture tool. From accurate VIN data and incentives and rebates, to adding unlimited photos, videos and custom tagging, this is the SSC Tuatara to everyone else’ Peel P50.

simplified inventory reporting

Inventory Reports

From vehicle aging summaries and the most popular in-stock vehicles to an accessible merchandising report, you’ll be able to take quick actions to ensure your inventory is appropriately marketed.

sending and receiving data

Unlimited Inventory
Data Feeds

We collect and standardize your inventory data from multiple sources and give you the control to send it in the right format to hundreds of different online platforms at no extra charge.

Why Choose Flex as Your Automotive Inventory Management Solution

automatic updates

Automatic Updates on Incentives

Inventory incentives and pricing are updated regularly and automatically, so your VDPs are always up-to-date with the most current OEM requirements.

mobile uploader

Mobile-Friendly Inventory Uploader

Get photos and videos of your vehicles, parts, and accessories uploaded quickly and easily with our mobile-friendly inventory uploader.


Lightning-Fast Integrations

While other providers have you waiting for weeks or even months, we can have your integrations set up within the day so you can get back to selling more cars.

send and receive inventory

Receive & Send Inventory from Anywhere

We’ll sync with your DMS system so that you’re always prepared to add listings to your site before sending it everywhere and anywhere.

What Our Dealer Partners Have to Say!


It took us over a month to learn how to use our other platform. With LiftKit we learned the ropes in a single 30 minute call.


I love that the Flex team is always there when I need them. It’s real people picking up the phone or emailing you back, so I’m never left hanging when I need tech support.


LiftKit works with my budget. I don’t have mystery charges on my invoices no matter how many units I list or feed out.