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The Benefits That Digital Marketing Brings to Your Dealership

Learn more about the benefits of solid digital marketing campaigns and strategies for car dealers with Flex.

Much like any other business, a dealership requires a solid marketing plan that will enable a potential customer to be aware of the products or services it has to offer. Digital marketing will allow your dealership to deliver the right message to the right target audience, helping increase the likelihood of sales growth and dealership success. And who doesn’t want that?!

Below are some of the key benefits that digital marketing can bring to any new or used car dealership:

Increased Traffic

Digital marketing has enabled dealerships to reach a larger audience through paid ads. This is an effective method of advertising that will allow your dealership to make use of its online presence to promote your business. 

Working with an agency (ahem, such as Flex!) is the best way to maximize your budget when it comes to advertising your vehicles online. Your media specialist will know how to target the right audiences, use engaging graphics and copy to increase clicks, and continually optimize your ads for the best results.

Your media specialist and agency will also be able to troubleshoot inevitable issues with Google or Facebook on your behalf. We see many restrictions, unwarranted account holds, and other problems arising due to these platforms' fickleness. We have the training and connections to get accounts back up and running when these things happen. 

Enhanced Brand Awareness

When people search for your brand online, you want them to easily find and click on your dealer website to learn more about your business. These people could be your potential customers, so you want to communicate your brand values and products with them effectively. Having a strong brand presence on the internet will enable customers to find you whenever they need to buy a new car, and your dealership will be the first one that comes to mind.

To best leverage your digital marketing efforts, information about your business should be spread in many ways. This should include landing pages, blogs, ads, social media accounts, and more.

Improved Visibility With SEO

SEO is the process that is followed to improve the ranking of your pages in search engines. It enables your website and pages to rank higher in search engines so that when anyone searches for your brand (and many associated terms for products or services you sell), the pages with the highest ranking will appear first on the list.

SEO is a big part of what we do here at FlexDealer. There are many ways to improve SEO organically, such as by leveraging analytics data, frequently optimizing pages, writing blogs, doing keyword research to use these keywords in your content, effective keyword usage in your image alt tags, and so much more. It can be a lot of work, but it pays off significantly for your digital strategies over the long run.

Increased Leads

Our most requested “to do” here at Flex - leads, leads, leads! You can increase your leads when you combine digital marketing and traditional marketing. Besides the SEO and brand awareness on your website that we’ve already mentioned, there are various social media platforms that your dealership can use to generate leads through paid ads and the sharing of your content. These platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, Spotify, and many more. 

Boosted Online Sales

To state the obvious, the internet is a great place for potential customers looking for cars! In fact, more car shoppers turn to the web now more than ever when looking for automotive products and services. From reading reviews to learning more about vehicles to booking service appointments online to shopping for new cars as you’d shop for a new shirt, automotive is happening online.

So if you’re customers are online, where should you be?

Frankly, the strength of your online presence and the digital marketing tools you use is becoming “make or break” for many dealerships in today’s day and age. Customers need to be able to find your brand online, browse your products, book test drives and appointments, find the information they’re looking for and engage with your dealership digitally in a way that’s intuitive. Today’s shoppers have high demands for an online user experience - are you ready to give it to them? 


There are lots of dealerships that are making use of digital marketing strategies - and we want you to be one of them!

If you are looking for a creative marketing agency for car dealers, then check out FlexDealer! We can help with your dealership's digital marketing from top to bottom, including inventory merchandising, website hosting, site building and design, copywriting, SEO, paid ads and Google Vehicle Ads, and so much more. We are here to breathe life into your dealership marketing. Contact us now!

FlexDealer Team      

FlexDealer Team      

FlexDealer is a leading provider of innovative dealership inventory and marketing solutions. Our goal is to help dealerships thrive and grow in a rapidly changing industry.

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