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Client Case Study: Johnny Roberts Motors

How FlexDealer is helping a small-town Chrysler dealership triple their leads.

Their Story

The Dealership That Cares

A contributing member to a growing community, Johnny Roberts Motors is a family-owned Jeep, Dodge, RAM, Chrysler dealership servicing the Altus, Oklahoma area.

Their Goal

We Need More Leads

As a small-town dealership, Johnny Roberts Motors felt as though there was still market share to scoop up in their community. They came to us with one goal in mind: get more leads to sell more vehicles.

Our Solution

Streamline Customer Interactions

At every stage, we removed walls between the shopper and the product by reducing the amount of steps it takes to connect with someone at the dealership. Less friction means a better experience for the customer.

We set out to help Johnny Roberts Motors start building new customer relationships, which would ultimately lead to more appointments, test drives, and sales. We had to take a few steps to set these campaigns up for success:


Understand the average vehicle shopper’s goals and align the dealership’s goals with them.


Identify each of the possible places where we could best connect with shoppers in order to start conversations.


Craft messaging to address pain points in the buying process and resolve them for the customer.


Google Search Ads

Focused on driving lead form submissions and phone calls from high-quality keywords that we’ve identified for the dealership.


Facebook Lead Ads

Focused on promoting inventory with short, simple lead forms to provide a low barrier to entry for shoppers.

Facebook Messenger Ads

Facebook Messages Ads

Focused on assisting customers with their research by starting conversations on specific inventory.

We served these ads through local geo targeting and retargeting of Google and Facebook traffic. Our focus and budget was skewed heavily towards Facebook as a primary means of starting meaningful conversations with potential customers.

After we helped Johnny Roberts Motors optimize their ad budget, they experienced:


Increase in Leads


of the Cost-Per-Lead

Within 60 Days


Increase in Leads


of the Cost-Per-Lead

Within 120 Days

By the End of the Year


Were Produced


Click-Through Rate


of Clicks Became Leads


"What you guys are doing: it's working! Leads are going up and you're helping me sell more cars!"

Chris Roberts

- Owner, Johnny Roberts Motors

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